Milky Mouth


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  1. Brandon Says:

    Ya’ know somethings are just PERFECT! A PERFECT body! Your ribs and hip bones show just enough! Your hair is PERFECT! Your beautiful eyes are PERFECT! Your dick is BEAUTIFUL! Just the right length and girth! Just perfect! Your little bubble butt is PERFECT! The way you showed us the “tingles” that were telling you that you were about to cum, were PERFECT! The load you shot from your dick was PERFECT! The way you shot right to your beautiful mouth was perfect! The way you held the cum there as you relaxed from the climax, was PERFECT! You even look like my first fuck buddy! PERFECT! I wish you were with me right now because we could make love and fuck each other and it would be PERFECT! I wil certainly be back to have you help me get off several times! See you again soon!

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